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Traditional Cast Iron

Available in a wide range of finishes and sizes to suit the décor of every home, the Ashdown radiator brings all the beauty of any traditional home to life. Made from cast iron, the Ashdown combines traditional heating, with modern finishes to wonderful affect.

Cast in a foundry in continental Europe, and stored here in the UK, the Ashdown is assembled, and powder-coat finished by our UK team. You can choose from 25 different RAL finishes, or from 30 textured special finishes. Please note, whilst you can select colours off screen, we highly recommend requesting colour chips, or charts, to ensure you are completely satisfied with your colour choice. Our cast iron radiators come with a 10 year warranty.

The Ashdown has wonderful properties, enhancing period living styles. However, it is important to understand two things of note; Cast Iron is heavy. Please make sure you have enough manpower to handle the fully assembled products on site. The product weights are visible on this site, and our drivers cannot bring them into your property. They will be left on a pallet on the nearest hard standing, usually your driveway. Secondly, the beauty of cast iron is its imperfections. It will not be a totally smooth or consistent. If smooth and consistent is what you desire, then maybe our Cornel steel multi column range would be of more interest to you.

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What are Cast Iron Radiators?

Cast Iron Radiators are made, as the name would suggest, by pouring molten iron into a mould. It is a very old, and traditional way of making metallic items, and has been used to make everything from ships and tools, to baths, and of course, radiators.

Available in 4 column, and 6 column options, the column denotes the depth of the radiator with 4 columns being the closest to the wall and 6 columns being the furthest away. The different columns and heights allow you to get the desired look and heat output required. Use our Heat Output Calculator to work out your requirements.

The Ashdown, like all our radiators and towel rails, complies with EN442 legislation. Compliant independent test certificates are available upon request.

What Finishes are available for Ashdown Radiators?

Ashdown radiators are finished in a robust powder coat, available in 26 RAL and 8 Special finishes, which are a selection of the most popular UK finishes.

For help choosing your finish please review our colour chart or special finishes chart

Where can I put/install Ashdown Radiators?

Cast Iron radiators are incredibly versatile and can be placed in any room within a home. The large range and varying configurations means radiators can be manufactured into almost any size to match the room size and required outputs.

How quickly can I receive my Ashdown Radiators?

We keep our ranges of cast iron radiators in stock, here in the UK. However, time is required to carefully assemble, paint, check, and dispatch your radiators. Therefore our delivery times are up to 5 weeks from order confirmation. This will be confirmed to you at the time of placing your order.

Please note that deliveries to Scotland and offshore islands may take a little longer.

All deliveries are pre-handled and coordinated with you prior to the dispatch of your order, with our dedicated customer services team.

How do we deliver our Ashdown Radiators?

We use a variety of carefully selected pallet delivery networks and courier services to ensure the prompt and safe delivery of your order. Please note that all deliveries are delivered to the nearest hard standing area, usually a driveway. Unfortunately, however, our couriers are not able to bring the radiators into the house directly.

It is also important to note the weight of cast iron. You will certainly require at least two, if not three or four strong people to carry them to wherever you require them.

Accessory Options

Our Ashdown radiators come with footed sections meaning they will stand on your floor. Standard wall ties are included in your purchase, however, for added flair, you can also select some of our luxury wall ties. In addition, please consider completing your look with our range of designer valves and pipe covers.