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Colours & Finishes

Cicero Single Horizontal 1520 x 480 in RAL 3003

Many of our products are available in a selection of 24 RAL colours, 17 Special Finishes and 12 exclusive Signature Finishes. Colour is hugely important in all of our home’s décor. We all care greatly about the colour of our walls, so why not about the radiators that adorn them? Each product page will list the available colours.


When selecting a colour or finish we recommend that you always choose your final colour from one of our colour chips for the best representation of the colour. 

Please note that due to screen resolution and manufacturing tolerances, the colour (including white) of a finished radiator may vary slightly from the colours represented on the website. We strongly advise taking the time to order one or more of our colour samples, to ensure you choose the correct colour for your room and taste.

It should also be noted the finished colour of radiators may slightly vary should they be ordered and painted at different times.

24 RAL Colours
17 Special Finishes