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Our range of Designer valves and accessories including pipe covers and shrouds, heating elements and airvents are fully stocked ready for dispatch from our UK warehouse in 48-72 hours


Choose from a range of contemporary and traditional, manual and TRV valves in range of finishes to complement your designer radiator.  To complete the overall look why not include a set of matching pipe covers and shrouds to match the finish of your valve and hide that unattractive pipework.

With range of heating elements to suit most of our towel rails, why not opt for duel fuel? Duel Fuel allows you to connect your towel rail to both your central heating system and mains electricity, this flexibly allows any dual fuel towel rail to operate both when the central heating is on, heating the whole house, or independently when you want to heat only the room the towel rail is situated. This flexibility allows use during those summer months when you want to warm your towels even when the heating system is off. Simply choose from our range of compatible towel rails and a corresponding heating element and T-piece below.

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What is the difference between a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) and a Manual valve?

TRV’s control the radiator's temperature by sensing the room air temperature and automatically opening and closing the flow to the radiator to maintain a pre-set temperature. They usually have between 4 to 6 levels (including a frost setting) and the valves open and close automatically, TRV’s can help maximise the efficiency of your system reducing energy consumption and TRVs are now a requirement as part of UK Building regulations.

Manual valves control the temperature of the radiator regardless of how warm the room already is. They are adjusted by hand, rather than automatically and allow a constant flow of water through your radiator. Manual valves will only turn off when the main system thermostat reaches it set point or the programmer turns the heating off.

Please always consult with your installer to make sure you have the correct valves for your designer radiator.

Valves are sold in pairs, what is the other valve for?

The wheelhead valve is the temperature control; the other valve is called a lockshield valve and is used to balance the radiators on the system so that they all heat up at roughly the same rate.

Simply put, the radiator closest to the boiler if left unchecked would heat quicker than the one positioned at the other end of the house, so the lockshield valves should be set opened at increasing amounts the further away from the boiler the radiator is.

Should I install my valves on the flow or return pipe?

Even though some of our valves are bi-directional, we recommend that all wheelhead valves are fitted on the flow pipe rather than the return pipe in order to avoid noises that may naturally occur if they are fitted on the return.

What are angled, corner or straight valves?

The terminology used to describe certain valve types relates directly to where your pipes are positioned and their entry and exit point from the radiator. Simply put, pipe work usually enters the radiator from the wall or from the floor and therefore the different types of valves allow easy installation of your designer radiator to your valve. Please be sure to select the right type of valve for your installation and pipe work prior to your purchase. Below are some examples of angled, straight and corner valves.

What about my pipe work and pipe centres?

All our valves have 15mm connections as standard unless otherwise stated; if you need different connections please specify when ordering your valves. The use of plastic pipe has become more popular; however, our valves are not designed to operate with plastic pipes. Also, if chrome pipe work is used most valves will not grip it securely because chrome is a harder surface than copper or iron and leaks can occur. Special fittings are required to enable valves to grip chrome pipe.

The position of the pipe work for your radiator will be affected by the valves you select. All angled valves have a dimension to allow for adjusting pipe work. You should make adequate allowances for manufacturing tolerances in pipe centres. For straight valves, a minimum of 150mm should be allowed from the base of the radiator for ease of installation.

We endeavour to ensure all pipe centres are correct, however manufacturing tolerances must be considered; we strongly recommend that pipe work is not altered or adjusted until the new radiator or towel rail is fitted.

Will old twin entry radiator valves fit new radiators?

These older valves are identified by having both pipe connections in one radiator valve at one side of the radiator. If new radiators are being fitted the valves will also need to be replaced with a pair for single entry.

How quickly can I receive my designer valves?

Our fully stocked range of Designer valves can be dispatched immediately from our warehouse.

Typically, delivery is 48-72 hours from the time your order has been input on to our system, however we will be in contact to arrange a delivery day convenient to you.

Please note that deliveries to Scotland and offshore islands may take a little longer and any orders under £50.00 may incur an additional delivery charge.

All deliveries are pre-handled and coordinated with you prior to the dispatch of your order, with our dedicated customer services team.

Important notice; Our delivery times are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, please see our COVID-19 statement for more details.

How do we deliver our designer valves?

We use a variety of carefully selected pallet delivery networks and courier services to ensure the prompt and safe delivery of your order. Please note that all deliveries are delivered to the nearest hard standing area. Unfortunately, however, our couriers are not able to bring the valves into the house directly.