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A Quick Guide to Tube Radiators

Updated: Jun 17

Tube Radiator

Tube or Tubular Radiators provide a stylish and attractive alternative to the mainstay of designer radiators - column radiators, and boring panel radiators found in our homes. The tubular construction of these radiators not only provides warmth and opulence but depending on the type of tube, will also allow you to hang items to dry.

Tube radiators are a perfect choice for those looking to make the most of the space they have available - with the option to increase output without increasing horizontal and vertical dimensions, by choosing a double tube configuration.

Sitting low to the ground or mounted on walls, tube radiators are excellent at making more of the available space in laundry rooms, bathrooms and hallways.

What is a Tube Radiator?

Tube Radiators are a type of radiator built upon a series of tubes, available in various sizes, shapes and styles. It is this tubular construction that creates a large surface area to aid in heat production and distribution.

Round Tube

Round tube radiator cross section

Round tube radiators have a bold and beautiful appearance. Rather than something that is tucked away and used purely for its function, these radiators can act as a talking point and feature in a room. Besides their stylish, modern design, the horizontal versions also provide the option to hang items on with ease, ideal if you want to warm or dry clothing. Vertical tube radiators work especially well when space is limited, but a high heat output is still required.

Oval Tube

Oval tube radiator

The defining feature of oval tube radiators is their oval or elliptical-shaped heating elements. This shape can provide a distinctive look compared to traditional round tube radiators and may appeal to those seeking a more unique or modern aesthetic.

Square Tube

Square Tube close up

Square tube radiators have a contemporary, almost industrial appearance that works well in a variety of room types. They are particularly striking in modern environments, and the geometric shape of the tube offers a dramatic effect with light and shadows enhanced further by opting for one of our many colours/finishes. It’s not all about the aesthetics though, as they also deliver impressive heat output with high levels of efficiency.

Flat Tube

flat tube radiator

Flat tube radiators have a clean, minimal appearance that works well in a wide range of room types. They are less imposing than round tube radiators or square tube radiators, as their flattering design blends into rooms in a more subtle manner. Their flat form also means that they take up less space than other radiators while maintaining a high heat output.

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British Thermal Units (BTU) is a measure of the output of heat needed to raise the temperature of a room. Determining the correct BTU will help you get the right radiator for your home.

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